Empower Your Longevity

Revitalize your well-being with KB Fitness’s comprehensive health and wellness program, meticulously crafted to enhance vitality and promote longevity. Empower yourself to achieve optimal health through personalized workout routines, expert guidance, tailored nutrition plans, and lifestyle coaching.


Fred Dunlap

"This was an astounding experience for me. I learned a tremendous amount concerning nutrition, training, and more importantly, I learned to trust the process he put in place. The programming was excellent and as a result I lost a tremendous amount of weight and got stronger in the process which was my goal. I would have never achieved all of this on my own, thank you Kenton!"

What's in the Health & Wellness Program?

Personal Training

How We'll Make It Happen


Build strength tailored to your unique abilities and aspirations. Our collaborative approach ensures a program that aligns with your goals, promoting steady progress and increased confidence. I provide in-depth biomechanics analysis and expert feedback on your exercise technique to ensure safety, maximize results, and make every repetition count.


Experience dynamic cardio workouts designed to elevate your heart health. Whether it’s high-intensity intervals or steady-state cardio, my coaching fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, with regular check-ins for progress assessment.

Injury Prevention 

Enhance your flexibility and joint mobility with targeted exercises. These personalized sessions aim to improve your overall range of motion and reduce the risk of injuries, with ongoing support to keep you accountable.

Weight Loss

Experience sustainable and healthy fat loss through personalized nutrition plans, mindful eating practices, and expert guidance on optimal food selection. Let me be your partner in creating a balanced lifestyle for lasting well-being and fitness success.

Muscle Gain

Enhance your path to muscle growth with customized macronutrient approaches designed to maximize muscle development. I personalize plans for effective and sustainable muscle gain, guiding you to achieve your desired strength and definition.


Nutrition significantly influences longevity, as the quality and balance of your diet play a crucial role in supporting health and well-being as you age. Discover the transformative effects of optimizing micronutrients, omega-3s, and strategic fasting based on your unique genetic profile.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching


Empower your fitness journey by embracing the core principles of self-discipline, mindfulness, and ownership. Take charge of your well-being, cultivate mindfulness in each moment, and own the path to your fitness transformation. 


Revolutionize your recovery strategy with a focus on stress management and optimal sleep cycles. My strategic approach integrates alternative medicine principles to promote a comprehensive and effective path to overall health and well-being.


Elevate your fitness experience with personalized wellness strategies, genetic testing insights, and a supportive social fitness community. Achieve your physical goals while enjoying a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Why Choose Health & Wellness?

Personalized Attention  Tailored coaching designed just for you.

One-on-One Support  Direct access to your dedicated coach.

Goal Setting Expertise Strategic goal setting to drive meaningful progress.

Accountability Focus Regular check-ins to keep you on track.

Flexible Coaching Locations Sessions in-person and online.

Revitalize Your Wellbeing

Align your health goals and your lifestyle with professional guidance.