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Build confidence, burn fat, and become stronger with an expert personal trainer in Nashville whose mission is to help you be your healthiest self.

đź‘‹ Hi, I'm Kenton Boutwell...

…and my goal as your personal trainer is to equip you with the tactics to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.  

I’m an Air Force veteran with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and a master’s degree in exercise science. Combining my experience, education, and passion to empower you as my client, you’ll have a well-rounded fitness program that goes beyond just the workout itself. 

Here’s what you can expect from me as your personal trainer: 

Step-by-Step Muscle Building Techniques 

I’ll walk you through targeted workouts to maximize each movement essential for muscle growth. 

Calorie-Burning Exercises 

We’ll focus on a sustainable fat-loss regimen through strategic routines and nutritional coaching. 

Science-Based Training 

Every tactic, movement, and routine we develop together will incorporate evidence-based scientific principles. 

Confidence Boosting Coaching 

I’ll be there every step of the way with my judgment-free training, empowering you to focus on your goals while celebrating every win.

Personalized Goal Setting

I’ll craft a personalized program to help you overcome your unique obstacles and achieve your individual fitness aspirations. 



Cynthia Laws

"If I had to choose one word to describe Kenton and his training philosophy, it would be "superb". RESULTS are the end-game and he's point on in his delivery. Anyone training with him will be in good hands."

Focused Fitness Programs

Weight Loss

I blend calorie-burning exercises with essential mindset adjustments for sustainable results. You won’t find dangerous diet fads or “tricks” here, just healthy eating habits and my judgment-free encouragement to stay consistent.

Muscle Gain

My science-driven exercise routines combine muscle targeting workouts, nutritional guidance, and body fat testing so you gain enhanced muscle growth.
Health Coaching

Health & Wellness

We’ll integrate personalized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance to optimize your well-being and promote longevity. It’s all about sustainable changes and embracing healthy habits that will help you feel empowered.

Billy Cameron

"Kenton is intelligent in his approach to fitness, he meets the client where they are, trains them in their current state of fitness, and pushes them toward their ideal state of fitness..."

Comprehensive Personal Training

Exercise Coaching

Strength Training

Unlock your muscle-building potential through diverse strength training techniques, incorporating weightlifting, kettlebell, calisthenics, and functional strength exercises. In our personal training sessions, we’ll optimize your strength gains and crush your goals.
High Intensity Interval Training

Cardio Training

Melt away the fat with personalized cardiovascular training sessions, including HIIT, metcon, kettlebell, and boxing workouts. Crafted exclusively for you, these dynamic sessions optimize calorie expenditure and sculpt your body with scientific precision.

Flexibility & Mobility

Enhance your range of motion, agility, and joint health with workouts designed with mobility and flexibility in mind. Let me safeguard and nurture your physical well-being, minimize potential injuries, and empower you to pursue your goals confidently.


Step-by-step instructions


Pain-free movement


Science-based training


Goal-crushing celebrations

Personalized Coaching Sessions


Face-to-face coaching provides a powerful and motivating personal training session. Choose your fitness experience—the energetic atmosphere of a gym, the convenience of at-home workouts, or an invigorating outdoor workout. (This service is exclusive to those located in Nashville.)


You don’t have to compromise quality to gain flexibility with a busy schedule or just because you’re located outside of Nashville. My online training will virtually connect us, and you’ll receive the same expert guidance from my in-person sessions from the comfort of your own space.


Hybrid coaching offers the best of both worlds. Perfect for those on a budget or with busy schedules, we meet in person monthly or weekly for progress checks and guidance. Then, you’ll follow my guidance virtually, allowing you to get the attention and results you deserve.


Dalton Evans

"Kenton realizes that no one person's strengths or abilities are the same so his ability to create effective training programs for anyone and everyone is great..."

Personal Trainer Education & Certifications

Master of Exercise Science

Middle Tennessee State University Master of Exercise Science

National Strength and Conditioning Association

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

American College of Sports Medicine

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

CrossFit Certified Coach

CrossFit Certified Coach

StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor

StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Olympic Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

USAW Certified Olympic Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Certified Powerlifting Coach

USAPL Certified Powerlifting Coach

Functional Movement Certified

Functional Movement Screen Certified Professional

TacFit Certified Instructor

TacFit Certified Instructor

MovNat Certified Coach

MovNat Certified Coach

Onnit Foundations Certified Instructor

Onnit Foundations Certified Instructor

Reviews for KB Fitness, Personal Trainer Nashville

KB Fitness
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Allen KennedyAllen Kennedy
01:39 03 Jun 24
I’ve been working out with Kenton for seven weeks so far. Not only do I feel stronger and look better, but I have a better understanding of how to train my body through proper form and technique. Kenton has also taught me proper nutrition and calorie intake to help increase my goals. He is the real deal. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer. The photo attached is the beginning of training and then a 7-week update. All natural.
Tyler SheldonTyler Sheldon
19:05 02 Jun 24
Kenton is the best! He was super knowledgeable about how to get the results that I wanted, and he is an incredible trainer for anyone at any level of fitness. I would definitely recommend working with him!
20:42 29 Mar 24
I can't speak highly enough about Kenton as a personal trainer. Kenton is knowledgeable and skilled in his craft. He helps empower you to take ownership over your fitness goals and he is also genuinely passionate about this process. He took the time to understand my individual needs and tailor workouts for me that are both challenging and enjoyable. His energy and encouragement make each session feel impactful, and I always leave feeling motivated to take my fitness seriously. With Kenton's guidance, I've made significant progress towards my fitness goals, and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you're looking for a dedicated, passionate, and supportive personal trainer, then Kenton is the one!
Jaime SpinnerJaime Spinner
01:25 18 Mar 24
Kenton’s expertise, dedication, and personalized approach set him apart as an exceptional personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and genuinely cares about your success. I definitely recommend working with him one on one or through one of his custom programs!
Percy BellPercy Bell
02:43 26 Jan 24
Kenton’s professionalism is top tier! Even with a wealth of fitness knowledge, he was able elevate my fitness to a level I had never before seen!
Steph WilsonSteph Wilson
04:29 14 Jan 24
Kenton is an amazing personal trainer in Nashville and is an absolute pleasure to work with!
Mark KellyMark Kelly
22:30 03 Jan 24
I can't recommend Kenton enough as a fitness trainer! Working with him has been a game-changer for me. In my 50s, I found myself stuck in a workout plateau and wanted more targeted results.Kenton's expertise has propelled me to the best shape of my life. His focus on proper form has not only prevented injuries but has also significantly improved my stamina and core strength. I appreciate how he tailors each session to my fitness level, ensuring a challenging workout without compromising safety, which was a top priority for me.What sets Kenton apart is his commitment to accountability and motivation. He doesn't just guide you through exercises; he keeps you on track and motivated to push your limits. This personalized approach has made a remarkable difference in my consistency and overall progress.Thanks to Kenton, I not only achieved the results I desired but surpassed them. At any age, even over 50, if you're looking for a trainer who delivers real results, Kenton is the way to go. His knowledge, dedication, and personalized approach make every session worthwhile.
Cory GossettCory Gossett
15:01 11 Dec 23
I can't speak highly enough about Kenton and KB Fitness! Working with Kenton has been a game-changer for my health and fitness journey. In just a few months, I've lost over 40lbs, thanks to his personalized training and guidance.Kenton goes above and beyond to ensure that every workout is not only effective but also safe. His emphasis on proper exercise technique and his commitment to staying updated on the latest techniques and forms truly set him apart. Unlike my previous experience with a different trainer who focused solely on group fitness, Kenton's individualized approach has been instrumental in preventing injuries and promoting long-term well-being.One of the aspects I appreciate most is Kenton's dedication to functional strength and movement training. It's not just about building vanity muscles but being functional and ready for everyday life. His holistic approach has transformed not only my physique but also how I approach fitness in general.What sets Kenton apart is not just his expertise in the gym but also his comprehensive nutritional guidance. He provided valuable insights into creating a sustainable and balanced diet, complementing the physical training perfectly. Moreover, Kenton's expertise extends beyond the gym – he even helped me design a personalized home gym that fits my lifestyle perfectly.If you're looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated, and results-driven personal trainer who goes the extra mile, look no further than Kenton and KB Fitness. Highly recommended!
Erin MoriarityErin Moriarity
19:35 18 Nov 23
Kenton has changed my life! I feel stronger than I have in a long time, which has a huge impact on my life as a whole. I highly recommend if you are ready to be the best version of yourself!
Amanda GilchristAmanda Gilchrist
01:12 08 Aug 23
I started working with Kenton a few months ago and it has been an excellent experience! He has an enthusiastic and positive attitude that is motivating. Kenton's expertise is truly impressive. He took the time to understand my goals and specific needs and tailored the workout plan and paired with his wealth of nutrition knowledge I feel like I have a comprehensive path that has set me up for success. In just the short time, I have already seen results - I feel stronger, have improved my endurance and feel more confident and I couldn't have done it without his help.If you are looking for a personal trainer that genuinely cares about their clients' well being and is passionate about helping them meet their goals to be their best selves - talk to Kenton! No fitness journey is a one-size fits all so having a personal trainer that creates a plan custom to you is the best choice.Thanks Kenton for all your encouragement and setting me up for success!
Stephen WilsonStephen Wilson
17:50 25 Jul 23
Kenton is a great personal trainer! Highly motivated, and helps me stay accountable to myself. He's a master at form, which helps me avoid injuries which I've had in the past.
21:23 17 Nov 21
Kenton is a great trainer that I highly recommend to anyone who wants results. We started working together after I had taken some time off. He stays positive when I get frustrated, looks at a holistic approach to health and always teaches me something new.
Todd AlmondTodd Almond
15:56 25 Sep 21
Kenton is a fantastic trainer. His knowledge is comprehensive and his approach is personally tailored. I felt stronger and more secure in my movements after every single session. He is passionate about this work and teaches it brilliantly—Highly recommend.
Fred DunlapFred Dunlap
01:34 25 Sep 21
This was an astounding experience for me. I learned a tremendous amount concerning nutrition, training, and more importantly, I learned to trust the process he put in place. The programming was excellent and as a result I lost a tremendous amount of weight and got stronger in the process which was my goal. I would have never achieved all of this on my own, thank you Kenton!
Jake BasdenJake Basden
18:23 12 Mar 21
Kenton is an exceptional trainer who not only helped me lose 50 lbs, but also changed my mindset on fitness and nutrition. I have been working out with him for nine years and continue to see results. I travel a lot for work and he is very flexible in working with my schedule.
Dalton EvansDalton Evans
18:08 02 Feb 21
I've been able to train with Kenton both in person and virtually and I would highly recommend either! Kenton realizes that no one person's strengths or abilities are the same so his ability to create effective training programs for anyone and everyone is great. His virtual training was great in that they included instructional videos if I was unsure how to perform a specific exercise and included a wide range of exercises whether you have equipment at home or not. His in-person sessions kicked my butt while being extremely fun and engaging, and encouraging me along the way.
Troy MorrisTroy Morris
03:16 10 Oct 19
Kenton was my first personal trainer in my fitness journey. He’s definitely a pro at what he does. You’re definitely going to leave him feeling like you got your butt handed to you (but in that good way, of course). Besides that he’s also a great guy and really easy to chat with. Highly recommend!
Billy CameronBilly Cameron
15:03 24 Apr 19
I trained with Kenton for 2 years and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Kenton is intelligent in his approach to fitness, he meets the client where they are, trains them in their current state of fitness, and pushes them toward their ideal state of fitness. Never was I unsure of his expectations or where he was trying to get me in my fitness journey. I got stronger, leaner, fitter, more confident, and learned a ton of new techniques that are still with me. Kenton is an elite trainer with many certifications that he utilizes with every client. Training with him will be a sure hit!

How Would It Feel To Live A Healthier Life?

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Access all this through easy-to-learn techniques, backed by evidence-based science, and an experienced personal trainer to help you every step of the way. 

With the well-rounded and personalized fitness program I provide, you’ll have a sustainable nutritional plan, workouts designed to hit your goals, and a healthier life that will pay dividends over the long haul. I’m here to help you stay motivated and consistent—even if you’ve never been able to stay dedicated to a workout routine before. 

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