Nashville Calisthenics Trainer

Experience personalized calisthenics training focused on strength and overall fitness. As a skilled calisthenics instructor, I’ll lead you through effective workouts tailored to your goals, ensuring you achieve maximum results and enjoy the journey towards a stronger, healthier you.


Brad Runge

"Kenton is a great trainer that I highly recommend to anyone who wants results"

Calisthenics, also referred to as bodyweight training, is a dynamic and versatile form of exercise that relies on the resistance provided by the body itself. Unlike traditional weightlifting, which typically involves lifting external weights, calisthenics emphasizes using the body’s own weight as resistance to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance. This makes it an accessible and cost-effective form of exercise that can be practiced virtually anywhere, from the comfort of one’s home to outdoor parks and urban environments.

What's Calisthenics?

Unlocking Strength & Coordination

At its core, calisthenics is about mastering control and coordination of movement patterns through a wide range of exercises. These exercises can target specific muscle groups or engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a comprehensive full-body workout. From foundational movements like push-ups and squats to more advanced exercises such as muscle-ups and handstands, calisthenics offers a progression of challenges that cater to individuals of all fitness levels.

Elevate, Dominate, Conquer

Awaken your strength, transform yourself, conquer every challenge.

Suspension trainers engage your core and stabilizer muscles, amplifying the intensity of your workouts. My suspension training sessions are designed to enhance core strength and overall functional fitness.

Suspension Training

Gymnastics Rings Training

Discover the unparalleled challenge of gymnastic ring training at KB Fitness. These versatile tools are not just about bodyweight exercises, they redefine how you engage your muscles, focusing on enhancing body control, stability, and strength in unique ways. My gymnastic ring workouts are designed to promote functional strength and elevate overall athleticism.

Why Choose Calisthenics Training?

Personalized Attention  Tailored coaching designed just for you.

One-on-One Support  Direct access to your dedicated coach.

Goal Setting Expertise Strategic goal setting to drive meaningful progress.

Accountability Focus Regular check-ins to keep you on track.

Flexible Coaching Locations Sessions in-person and online.

Are You Ready to Redefine What's Possible?

Strength is not just a goal but a way of life. Join me in sculpting your body, pushing your limits, and unlocking the strength that lies within.