2023 Nashville Weightlifting Battle of the Champions

This is a 1 day, USAW sanctioned Olympic weightlifting meet.

Date: Saturday, July 15 · 6am – 6pm CDT

Location: 119 Madison Station Blvd 119 Madison Station Boulevard Nashville, TN 37115

This is a one-day contest, the 2023 Nashville Weightlifting Battle of the Champions, proudly hosted by Nashville Weightlifting. USAW sanctions this event as an official Olympic Weightlifting Meet. If you’re a newcomer to weightlifting, the competition involves two core lifts: the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk, with three attempts provided for each.

Take advantage of our Early Bird Registration, priced at $50 until May 20. Regular Registration will be available at $75 until June 17, and Late Registration at $100 will continue until July 2. We recommend you sign up as soon as possible for the best deal! A food vendor will be present at the event, and the menu will be announced closer to the competition date.

Who’s Eligible to Compete?

We invite competitors of all age groups, including Youth, Juniors, Seniors, and Masters! The precise schedule will be announced as the meet date approaches.

The competition is exclusively for USAW members, so participants must have an active USAW membership until at least July 15th, 2023. All USAW regulations must be complied with, including wearing a singlet. To become a USAW member, register on their official website. Please ensure you provide the correct weight class (in kilograms) you intend to compete in. You can find the list at this link: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting/Features/2018/July/05/IWF-Approves-New-Bodyweight-Categories.

The logo in the picture represents the meet t-shirt design, which you can add to your order – they’re pretty cool!

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Please note, everyone will be charged the same pricing. To enjoy the lowest cost, make sure not to miss the early bird offer. As is standard for USAW meets, the entry fee is nonrefundable, so if there’s a chance you might have to cancel, we kindly ask you not to register.

Should anyone require an Airbnb, here’s our link to accommodations: https://abnb.me/x3qoIebjP7. Simply copy and paste it into your browser.